Ephesus Shore Excursions

Me, my wife, her sister & hubby were on an Oceania cruise with a stop in Ephesus (Kusadasi)
and I had pre-arranged a tour of the Virgin Mary’s house and the ancient city of Ephesus with SAMYELI TOURS. It was quite easy to book this tour, with many options to choose from and the cost was more reasonable than that offered by the cruise people. As well, the tour was much more personal and in depth with only the five of us, as opposed to a bus load of 40 some people.
The most impressive aspect of the tour – other than the serenity and peace we felt visiting the Virgin Mary’s house – was the ancient ruins of the historical city of Ephesus. I don’t believe I will ever be able to walk, experience, and take in such a feeling of history ever again. When we made the turn to face the main road to the old Library, I could actually envision Anthony & Cleopatra riding their chariot down the marble roads

The entire tour was almost overpowering and awesome at the same time. Our guide – Levent – was extremely knowledgeable – patient – gracious & extremely proud of his heritage. After the tour, we asked Levent if we could get a drink and a bite to eat, but not where the “TOURIST” eat . . . but where he would go to eat with his mother. After a short drive we came to a small eatery with an awning – unimpressive & unreachable with a large tour bus. The owner came to meet us, explained what was on the menu and offered us a drink . . . . the women had the local wine and the boys had the local beer . . . both excellent. We went to look at some of the food available at a small buffet style counter, but couldn’t make up our mind, so, we just put ourselves in the owners hands and let him bring us a selection of the establishments most popular dishes. For the next hour we enjoyed an assortment of interesting tastes and flavours of fresh vegetables and product, cheese, meat & salads (more wine & beer). I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant, but I’m sure Levent or Samyeli Tours would remember.
Samyeli Tours and Levent . . .offered us a most impressive tour ! ! ! !