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Amounts of mortgage loan which is Turkey?

We contract with the applicant’s financial condition, and the upper limit of credit by banks depends on the credit rating criteria.
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Turkey what kind of mortgage loan is granted for housing?

Eighty percent of the property to be taken must be completed. Land title deed must
be irtifaklı times. That appear in the title deeds of land on the nature of going
to the Land Registry Office, should be transformed into title to servitude.

What is the current interest rates on housing loans Turkey? What happens if the monthly amount?

Interest rates vary depending on your loan maturity and loan policies of banks agreed.

How long is Turkey housing loan?

Credit for at least 1 year and up to 20 years preferred by the applicant for a period of time can be given.

What are the conditions required to apply for?

When you apply to the applicant at least 23 years old and at the end of the maturity
of the loan must be more than 70 years old. Who could benefit from this service
are listed below.

  • Salaried Employees in the workplace
  • Pensioners
  • Who receive a salary because of disease
  • Office Owners
  • Term or indefinite period of time permit holders
  • Establishing new business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Citizens of the European Union
  • Temporary Personnel
  • Freelance Staff

Which costs should be taken into account?

Appraisal Fee: Assessment of the property valuation company will be agreed by the banks. Appraisal fee 320 Euro cost. Once your loan pre-approval, this amount should be paid Agent.

Can we trust to Turkey? Why Is That?

Yes, because our company’s target is contact expatriate people for their business. You make an application to our agency which has AFM licence. You get credit from most honorable banks in Turkey. Also you get your title deed from directorate of land registry so you do not need someone’s help who get commission from the business.Our company is working on this business since 2008, in that time many expatriate people bought their houses with us. Our target is provide the expatriate people from Europe to buy houses where they want in Turkey.

How long does it take to resolve credit application?

Documents within a week after the complete tour operators licensed AFM Consequently, the front is your approval, the second week appraised of your home, you may receive the deed concluded the third week in the new presentation. Housing is the same as the process also assured lending.

Do I need go to Turkey for get bank credit of title deed?

No, you can use credit or get your title deed. You have to get the approval of consular with document given to you by the bank. You can get your credit or title deed via this document with someone help who you trust.(You must say the staff who prepare the document in consular, the document must to be one to one).

I will buy home should be first-hand?

No, it is not necessarily only eight percent of the construction must be completed and the title deed of servitude must be ready

Can I pay credit debt early?

Yes, only you have to pay two percent early turn-off penal. Example: for 5.000 TL payment, penal is 100 TL.

If I have credit record, can I use bank credit?

Yes, Altought you have a credit record some banks give you credit. Only condition is assurance or hypothec on agreement.

Can I purchase a home with credit which provide whole cost?

Yes, it is possible. If you have a home in Turkey and good income, you can get %100 credit. If you do not have a home you can get credit up to seventy percent of the value appraisal.

Can I make my credit application directly to you?

Yes, you need to send us some documents via e-mail to this adress:

  • Identity card copy(Turkish citizenship have to get “Blue Cart” from Turkish Consuler.
  • Employer letter.
  • BKR
  • The last to months of payroll.
  • Residence
  • Bank statement (It must show salary and hire)
  • If you have your own workplace, a document it shows profit and loss acounts of the last two years.
  • Chamber of commerce registration.
  • Passport site color photo.

Documents for credit apllication?

You need the prepare following all documents and than you can contact link on our web site or you can send all documents to Otherwise you can call +0090 256 614 57 11.

  • Identity card copy(Turkish citizenship have to get “Blue Cart” from Turkish Consuler.
  • Employer letter.
  • BKR
  • The last to months of payroll.
  • Residence
  • Bank statement (It must show salary and hire)
  • If you have your own workplace, a document it shows profit and loss acounts of the last two years.
  • Chamber of commerce registration.
  • Passport site color photo.

What is the advantage get credit via you?

Purchase real estate have to done with a professional companies. Samyeli Villas team are doing all bussiness like application to the banks and offer you the best one. Our team organize expertise, municipality bussinesses, land registry office bussinesses, and bank lawyers.

I use credit in Turkey, it will declare to my country or no?

No, Turkey is not a member of Europe Union so this credit will not appear in your country bank system.

Do I buy home an behalf of someone?

Yes, it is possible.

Half of the house could be on my wife?

Yes, you need to notify us before application.

Can i get credit in euro (€)?

Yes, if you are not Turkish citizen. Turkish citizens can get credit only Turkish liras according to new laws.

Can i get bank credit in Europa, because credit insterest is low in Europe?

No, Europen banks do not give credit for purchase of home in Turkey.

Is it good idea purchase a home in Turkey with these interest rate credit?

There is an inverse relationship between home prices and interest rate. If interest rate fell, demond go up, so home costs comes up. Our offer is you need make good bargan with building contractor and pay your money in your hand.

In Turkey I am married, but in Europe divorce. Can I get credit or no?

If your wife or husband sing some documents, you can. The documents mean. I informed about purchase a home and bank credit. It does not mean stand surety the banks in Turkey need this document according to the Turkish laws. Otherwise you need to divorce in Turkey also.

Can I get credit to my home?

Yes, you can get credit up to fifty percent of the value appraisal.

I had previously credit, can I transfer this credit to your partner banks with lower interest rate?

Yes we offer you reduced credit service in this way you pay less interest rate.

Can I show my credit hire-purchase as a expense and in this way get advantage tax payment?

If you use bank credit at your workplace and show it on documents, you can fall down interest costs from your income in this way you can pay less income tax in your country.

I want to buy a home in Turkey. How can I be sure can I get bank credit or no?

If you send all application documents, you will infrom about it in a week. And than you can come to Turkey and find your home. When you are in Turkey appraisal was done to home and offering letter gets from bank. After you sing offering letter you can use your credit you can get your title deed. In this way you do not need come to Turkey twice time for this you must be Turkey for seven days.

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