Cevriye Yeşilyurt


I live in Viennese. I was born in Tokat. I work as a secretary in a company, Austria. I visited Samyeli Villas and bought one of them from Salman KURT. It is lovely villa. I advise my friends and citizens to invest in Turkey. If you do not have posibility to buy a home in cash, you can get bank credit with the help of Salman KURT. I congratulate Salman KURT and his team

Best Regards
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Rebecca & Stephen Windle


I would like to thank Salman for all. His help and advice he gave me when i bought a house in Kusadasi.

Salman helped with all the paperwork that needded completing. He took us to the bank ad other government offices, where he explanied everything to us before we signed anything.

Salman makes the process of buying a house in Kusadsai very simple.

I have found him to be trustwortly and very rehiable I would recommed that if you want to buy a home in Kusadasi, Salman is your man.

Many thanks.

Muhammed A.


In January of 2014 we decided to buy a house in Samyeli Villas.

About buying a house is one of the most important factors were the landscaping and good neighborly relations.

Current with all my family in a way I’m happy here.

Oğuz K.


Last year bought a villa from the Samyeli Site.

Mr. Salman Kurt performing all necessary operations before and after the purchase provides-

Great convenience to us and now I am very happy with my family.

Samyeli very elite villas and a site I would recommend to all of you.

Mehmet A.


Samyeli really elite villas site. Villas at the beginning of this year my wife and

I decided to purchase and have received. Required landscaping as well as a great neighborly relations.

We also thank Mr Salman Kurt for his help with lover.

Leyla G.


I decided to take a summer house in the Aegean region, and we have used our choice in favor of Kusadasi.

When looking for a house here Samyeli Villa was the first thing that catches our eye.

Should both residential area of villas itself looked great. Current summer – winter are sitting and everything is very nice.

Haydar K.


Kusadasi Samyeli Villas The most important reason to prefer villas dear Salman Kurt.

He related trades from start to finish was so helpful to the finest detail.

Melike A.


In the summer season, we buy villas from samyeli villas.

From the moment all I am very happy to live here with my family.

All of my neighbors are wonderful people.

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