The Best Tour of Gallipoli



(2 Days / 1 Night Troy & Full Day Gallipoli Tour From Istanbul)

Troy ancient city and Gallipoli Battlefield Tours are the two  most popular touristical destinations of the area but however the guests has been offered with one of theese tours, Troy or Gallipoli. By organising this package we firstly plan to take you to troy where the first big battle of Dardanelles took place and then the next day to Gallipoli where the last big battle of the Dardanelles took place.

Day 1

06.00 – 06.30 Pick up from hotel in Taksim, Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, Şişli, Ortaköy, Bebek
06.30 – 07:00 Pick up from hotel in Sultanahmet, Beyazıd, Sirkeci, Laleli, Aksaray
07.15 Pick up from hotel in Ataturk Airport Area
08.30 Have a stop for open buffet breakfast
12.00 Arrive in Eceabat. Lunch on the roof of Grand Eceabat Hotel (Views Dardanelles)
12.45 Depart for Troy Tour

On our Troy tour you are going to hear about Helen and Paris love story Hector and Achilles duel and Trojan Horse story and then the archeological excavations then you will see the ancient site ruins of Troy.

On tour you will visit:

On tour you will visit and hear about:

  • The Trojan Horse which was used in the movie Troy
  • The Trojan Horse (Did it really exist ?)
  • Helen of Troy (Was she the real cause of the war ?)
  • The Trojan Wars
  • Battle between Achilles an Hector
  • The 3200 years old city walls of Troy VI and VII
  • The East gate of VI (VIP entrance of Troy VI)
  • The Temple of Athena
  • Walls of Troy II and Megaron House
  • Walls of Troy I (The oldest ruins of Troy)
  • The trench of Schliemann
  • The ramp of Troy II
  • The Scaean Gate
  • The Gate of Troy VI (Where possibly the tricky wooden horse was taken)
  • Sanctuary (Sacrificing Altars)
  • Roman Bath
  • Odeon (Music theatre)
  • South gate of Troy VI
  • Bouleuterion
  • Ruins of agora (Market place)

17.00 End of the tour
17.30 Check in one of our hotels

Most of the travel agencies who organize tours to Gallipoli they only organize half day tours to see the Anzac sector but we plan to complete your pillgramage by showing north and the south sector. The south sector also known as cape helles region where mostly British French,Turks and some Anzac Soldiers Fought. Although the south Sector not much famous, most of the casualties during the Gallipoli Campaign occured here at the south sector. At the south sector beside the british French turkish graves you can also visit the forgotten Anzac Heroes Graves. So our aim to organize this tour to show equal respect to all the soldiers who lost their lives during the campaign.

Day 2

07.30 Breakfast (Views Dardanelles)
08.30 Depart for Full Day Gallipoli tour

During the Gallipoli Campaign, the aim of the soldiers were, after capturing the hills coming to narrows and getting the control of the castles and canon batteries. We starting our tour from the narrowiest point of Dardanelles, after having a quick look to get idea of the narrows we drive to landing beaches.

On tour you will visit:

  • Karahisar Division Road
  • Çamburnu FortThe Grave of Unknown Captain
  • Balkan Wars Memorial
  • Ağadere Martyrs Cemetery
  • The Grave of Unknown Artillery Captain
  • Değirmen Burnu Tabyası
  • “Stop Wayfarer” (Memorial on the hillslope behind Kilitbahir village – Dur Yolcu)
  • Kilitbahir Castle
  • Kilitbahir Fortress
    • Namazgah Fort
    • Hamidiye Fort
    • Mecidiye Fort


  • Mecidiye Martyrs Cemetery
  • Corporal Seyit
  • Kilya Base
  • Maltepe
  • Kabatepe
  • Brighton Beach
    • Chatham’s Post
    • Bolton’s Hill
    • Clark ‘s Valley
    • Victoria Gully
    • White’s Gully


  • Beach Cemetery (The grave of John Simpson Kirkpatrick)
  • ANZAC Cove
  • Ariburnu Cemetery
  • ANZAC Commemorative Site
  • Respect to Mehmetcik Memorial
  • Lone Pine Memorial
  • Johnston’s Jolly (Turkish and ANZAC trenches and tunnels)
  • Courtne’y’s & Steele’s Post Cemetery
  • Quinn’s Post
  • Turkish 57. Infantry Regiment Cemetery
  • Sergeant Mehmet Turkish Memorial
  • The Nek
  • Walker’s Ridge Cemetery
  • Baby 700
  • Battleship Hill & Location of Mustafa Kemal’s Headquarters
  • Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial

17.30 End of the tour
18.00 Depart Back to Istanbul
20.30 Have a stop for break
23.00 Drop off to hotels in Istanbul

This package includes:

  • All Transportation in A/C ‘NO – SMOKING’ coach
  • Professional English speaking guiding
  • 2 breakfast
  • 2 restaurant lunches
  • Full Day Gallipoli tour
  • Troy tour
  • Entrance fees
  • 1 night ACC ( PARK ECEABAT HOTEL ) ( BB )
  • Dinner (Choices of Meat Balls – Fish or Chicken)

This package excludes:

  • Drinks ( During the lunch )
  • Gratitudes for Guide & Driver

If you have a relative who died at gallipoli let us know , we can find his grave and take you there during our tour.

Per Person 300 €

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