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The 4 mansions were built by Ottoman Traders between 18th and 19th Centuries on the ruins remaining from Roman, Byzantine and Seljukian Period; in 1995, it was restored remaining loyal to the original one in full as it was prior to 150 years. The interior architects have modernized the room without changing the traditional historical atmosphere so that the historic fabric and modern comfort can be reflected together.

Start with a new life at ALP PASHA MANSION located in KALEICI keeping the historical visual culture of ANTALYA for centuries.

1) The bride and the groom will be met at the airport by a hostess, who will provide consultancy services for the couple, and they will be brought to the hotel in a decorated and luxurious car (Limousine).

2) Tables and chairs shall be worn by cream velvet and laces, beautified with genuine flowers using textile gold-coloured tapes.
Girandola shall be put on the table and under of it shall be decorated with genuine flowers, on the table gold-coloured underplate shall be put under of the plates, napkins shall be attached with gold- coloured napkin ring, the initials shall be written specially to the wineglasses for the couples.

In such an atmosphere of ALP PASA, there shall be prepared a unforgetable romantic ambiance for the couples.

3) In the area where the civil marriage ceremony shall be performed an altar shall be mounted, designed with genuine flowers and tulle textiles.

4) The walking way of the bride shall be decorated with white tulles and high standing flowers. Rose leaves shall be interspersed through the walking way, and a flower shower will take place over the bride and groom when they are passing across the way.

5) The lit candles inside 8 lamp glasses to be placed on the ground inside marriage area, or beacons with the candles lit inside.

6) Special wedding diner, unlimited local drinks.

7) 1 layer wedding cake, a bottle of wedding champagne.

8) Entrance of bride and groom to the wedding hall accompanied by live music performed by state opera and ballet, string instrument players (1 violin, 1 classic guitar).

9) Brides bouquet and the grooms collar flower.

10) Special photographer (CD shall be delivered in the original shot).

11) Decoration of the hotel room with real flowers according to the concept and meaning of the day, plus special champagne. Creating a romantic atmosphere. Special morning breakfast to the room.

We hope your wedding will be a memorable one and we look forward to seeing you in the future on another Samyeli Travel Turkey Tour. Have a safe trip back home and thanks for choosing Samyeli Travel Turkey.

Above is just a sample itinerary. All weddings can be tailored to suit your requirements and are personal to you and your party.
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