Ephesus Tours From Izmir

We had no issue booking with Samyeli Travel. We were taking a cruise and booked our sightseeing tour to Ephesus privately to save money. we were four adults and had our own guide (Nadia) who was absolutely excellent. Fluent in English, French and Spanish on top of speaking the local language. She met us on time at the docks, we were provided with a modern, high-end van just for our group. Nadia knew how to avoid the crowds, the nice photo spots, and how to make our visit a very pleasant one. We then had the choice to choose one of the factories to visit. If your guide is available, he/she might be amicable to take you out for lunch to discover the local delicacies (we of course covered the expenses). The four of us had a great time and we highly recommend the agency for your tour.

Banff, Alberta