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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: My friends have already booked there Anzac Day Tours and I would now like to join them.  Is this possible?
Providing you let us know at time of booking that you wish to join your friends or be part of a group then we will do our best to accommodate you. However if you make a booking close to Anzac Day then we may have already allocated hotels and bus groups. Once again we will do our best to accommodate you but we cannot make any promises but please ask so we can check it out for you.

Q.  Do the prices quoted include Entrance Fees to sites visited and is their any local payment component for these tours?
There is no local payment that needs to be paid for these tours and all our tours include entrance fees to sites outlined in the itineraries.  When comparing the prices of tours across different companies it is worth making sure that entrance fees are included as they can mount up especially on longer tours and what seems like a good price at face value may not really be the case.  For example in our 16 Day Anzac Tour the entrance fees make up approx £90 of the overall tour price.

Q: What time do I need to arrive on the starting day of my tour?
The first day of all of our tours except the 2 day tour is an arrival day and you are therefore free to arrive at anytime throughout that day.  If your tour starts on the 23th April then please read below regarding ‘Welcome Drinks’ for these tours that take place in the evening.  If your tour starts on the 23th April and you wish to take part in the Bosphorus Cruise or Gala Dinner then please read the questions below which relate to that.

Q: I am travelling alone and was wondering if you have many people who travel alone on your tours? Also what are my options for accommodation?
Every year we have many people (both male and female) who travel alone on our tours and it is a great way to meet new people. In regards to accommodation you can either pay more for a single room on your own or if you do not mind we can match you up with someone else who is travelling on their own (same gender) and put you in a twin or triple room for the lower rate.  Please note that this is subject to availability.

Q: Do I need a Visa to visit Turkey?
 It depends on what passport that you are travelling to Turkey on. New Zealand passport holders do not need a visa and can go straight to passport control.  Other passport holders are required to purchase a visa from the kiosk near passport control before proceeding through.  PLEASE NOTE: If you do need a visa then please make sure you look for the visa kiosk first before going to passport control.  Unfortunately this is not always clear once arriving so do not get into the passport control line first.  The Visa window has all the prices for visas listed on the front of it so should be clear.  Visas need to be paid for in Cash and can be paid for in Euro, Sterling, US Dollars or the local currency.

The following site has more information on visas:

Q. How many people will be on my tour?
 It depends on the number of people on your particular tour but a group will be no larger than 40 people.

Q: Which currency do I need for Turkey and do I need to Exchange Money before leaving home?
The most common currency in Turkey is the TL (Turkish Lira) although other currencies are accepted in some shops and restaurants.  We recommend for ease that you use the local currency when paying in cash but you can purchase many things on credit cards also.  We advise all our passengers to carry some cash on them at all times for small purchases and paying for public toilets etc.  At Ataturk International Airport when you arrive there are a number of ATM machines that can be used with cards that are set up to be used overseas. You may like to check with your bank before leaving home if your card is ready for international use.

Q.  Do we need to give our guides and driver a tip at the end of the tour?
Tipping is a big part of life in Turkey and the cost of your tour does not include any tips or displays of gratitude towards guides and coach drivers.  If you have enjoyed your tour and the efforts of these people then please feel free to give them a tip.  The amount is entirely up to you and usually one person will collect these on behalf of the people in your group.


Q: I notice that some of your tours stay in Edremit away from Gallipoli prior to Anzac Day. Why is this?
It is difficult to get good quality accommodation close to the Gallipoli region and as many of our tours visit the battlefields on the 23rd April we want to ensure that you have decent accommodation to stay at and relax prior to the overnight stay at Anzac Cove on the 24th.  Very few companies who run Anzac Day Tours stay close to the Gallipoli area unless they are offering a budget hotel/hostel package.  The accommodation we use in Edremit is far superior to anything else we can find in the Gallipoli/Cannakale area.

Q.  If I want to arrive in Istanbul earlier than my tour starts or stay later after the tour finishes can I arrange accommodation with your company?
We can arrange both pre and post accommodation at our hotels in Istanbul and in Kusadasi (6 Day Kusadasi Tour and 8 Day Bravo) so if you would like to arrive early or stay later then please let us know and we can arrange that for you.  It is best you let us know at time of booking but if you decide after booking then this can still be arranged subject to availability.  Please do not arrive early without telling us and expect accommodation to be available because we cannot guarantee that.  We can also arrange arrival airport transfers for our customers booking pre-tour accommodation (Please see section below regarding Airport Transfers)

Q.  I have heard that it is common to leave your passports behind reception at hotels in Turkey.  Is this really the case and is it safe to do so?
By law, hotels are required to register your details with the authorities and it is therefore common place to leave your passport with reception and it can be collected either on departure or once this registration has been done.  This is for your security and your passports are kept safe with reception staff so there is no need to worry.

Transport & Travelling

Q: I have heard from friends that the ferry crossings at Gallipoli can sometimes be very crowded. Will this affect travelling times and is there any risk of us missing the Anzac Day Commemorations?
The ferry crossings between Eceabat (Gallipoli Peninsula) and Canakkale (Mainland) can be very busy during the Anzac Day period. Unfortunately our travelling times are dependent on the ferry running properly and subject to the number of buses trying to cross so therefore times given are best estimates. We ensure that on the night of the 24th we leave with ample time to spare so we can get to the ferry early. We do our best to ensure all times quoted in itineraries are accurate but due to this being a busy time delays are sometimes unavoidable.

Q: Do you have toilets on your buses and are there regular toilet stops during long journeys?
 Unfortunately it is not common to have toilets on buses in Turkey so it is very hard for us to provide. However we will have regular stops along the way so all passengers can use toilet facilities.

Q. For those tours that arrive back in Istanbul on the evening of the 25th April, what time can we expect to arrive there?
 The arrival time back in Istanbul will vary depending on how busy the Gallipoli Peninsula is and the traffic back to Istanbul.  Generally you can expect to arrive back to Istanbul between 8pm and 11pm.